Take the stress out of finding a home

Pickmee is using the power of transparency and technology to help hundreds of kiwi tenants find and secure their next rental. 👍
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Let technology search for you

Pickmee Smart Match uses a combination of human power and technology to:

  • Rapidly learn about your preferences
  • Recommend upcoming listings on Pickmee Preview
  • Search the web for your next home
  • Deliver recommendations straight into your inbox
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Boost your confidence when applying for rentals

See what Property Managers and Landlords find out about you when they process your application. Do all the checks on yourself, review your Tenant CV and share with Landlords, Property Managers and Flatmates in one click.

It's simple

Include the link to your Tenant CV whenever you inquire about a rental.

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Protect your identity information

Take back the driver's seat and regain control over who has access to your personal identity information. View our Privacy Policy to learn about how we care for your information.

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